Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shine On Jeff!

Jeff, has it really been one whole year?! Sometimes it feels like you left us just yesterday, and other days it feels like its been forever. Time is a funny thing. So hard to figure out. But I do know one thing for sure.. Jeffy, you are missed greatly. Last night I had a bunch of your friends over to hang out.. ya know bring everybody together during this one year anniversary of missing your life here on earth. We had a really good time as a big group, playing games, laughing, and just being plain ridiculous! You would have loved it! Wish you could have been able to join us, but I couldn't help but picture you smiling down on us carrying on like a bunch of crazy kids.. seeing how we've all became a lot closer since you left us. Its sorta neat how people come together during tragedies. Now all our friends are hanging out with your friends and we're always bringing up your name! "Remember when Jeff did this?" or "This one time we were hanging out and Jeff..." The littlest things always tend to remind us of you. And that always brings around another story. It's like you're still with us always. Here's just a few things that have reminded me of you over the past twelve months:

Nickelback. Every time one of their songs come on my ipod or over the radio, your face immediately comes to mind. I guess because it was one of your favorite bands. But I can so easily picture you jamming out to one of their songs.

Every time Kelly and I go to the movies, we like to follow your tradition of getting free popcorn. I'm going to skip over the details of how we do that exactly.. cuz I'm pretty sure its illegal. But such a genius idea! You were always a thinker. Knowing how to get around the system. I just hope we don't end up with some disease someday. But every time we get our big bucket full of popcorn we say "This is for Jeff."

One night, on our road trip last summer, we were camping in the Rocky Mountains and it was freezing cold and pouring down rain and we were stuck in the tent and we were talking about life and everything in it and somehow movies came up and  I said how I love all those adorable romantic movies, but I hate how they always leave us with such high expectations.. making us think that the "perfect guy" will come and sweep us off our feet and give us that fairytale ending that every girl dreams of. I think I said flat out that those movies are just a bunch of baloney. Somehow Kel indirectly argued with me (like she knows how to do so well) and that's when it hit me! You really were THE perfect guy. Always sweeping Kelly off her feet and treating her just right. I was always so excited to hear what kind of adorable date the two of you went on next! Thanks for giving the world to Kelly-- She deserved every little bit of it. After seeing the "cinema love" that you two shared.. it gives me hope that maybe some day I can find something like that too. Maybe. Your example gave me hope for something great.

Jeeps ALWAYS remind me of you. Whenever I pass one along the way and I give em the famous "Jeep Wave" I smile because you were the one who taught me that. I was always embarrassed how bad my Jeep looked compared to yours. Your Jeep was the best!

Driving to New Holland for work always brings me back to the time when we came home from Midnight Madness from Shady Maple and it ice stormed and we we all over the roads and the drive seemed to take us FOREVER just to get home because of all the crazy roads you navigated us on to get us home safe and sound in one piece.

This summer we had a lot of bonfires and everytime there was one at Kel's house, I tended to keep looking over my shoulder.. looking and watching, making sure no one was gonna jump out and scare the ba-jee-bee's out of us. 

I could go on and on, but these are some things that were on my mind tonight. Thanks for all the awesome memories you gave us and the good times we shared. You've changed our lives for the better. Just thought you should know that even though you're not with us physically anymore.. you're still with us each and every day. You're still shining on Jeff.. just through each of us now. Love you buddy.

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