Friday, December 31, 2010

2011... A Year to Give?

A week or two before Christmas, my brother, Taylor came home with a couple bags of groceries. Sometimes Mom asks him to pick up a few things before he comes home from Dutchway, but this time there was way too much food, so I knew he must have something up his sleeve. So I asked, "What's the deal with all the food, T?!" And he simply said he got a Christmas bonus from work and instead of cashing it in, he turned around and bought items for the school food drive. I couldn't have been prouder! Taylor has such a giving heart.. so cool. Well I decided that I wanna be more like that. 

Instead of being the tightwad that I usually am, I wanna put others before myself. So to start off the new year, I decided to sponsor a World Vison child. Every month I'm gonna give money to an 8 year old boy named Luis from the Dominican Republic. It'll help give him and his family clean water, healthy food, a better education, health care (and AIDS prevention).  I wanna really try to take different opportunities to support others close to home. Like paying for someone else's items at the checkout or participating in different events. I don't know, cool stuff like that.

Not only that, but I wanna give more of myself to others around. Like spending time with some of my lonely, old neighbors that don't usually get many visitors. Or even simple stuff like letting cars out ahead of me when they've been waiting a while. Anything that isn't about me, I wanna do it.  I wanna spend my 2011 doing nice things for other people and putting myself second way more often.

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  1. So cool, Ashley. That little boy is going to be so grateful. I love what you said about paying for someone's things at the checkout, etc. A lot of times the littlest actions can help us in sharing Christ with someone who doesn't know Him. Always say WHY you did it afterwards.. it's more than just "I want to be nice." Yeah, Christians should want to be nice, but it's ultimately because Christ showed love to us. Always bring up Jesus!!! When I was in Lancaster city with my friend Joan, she let a homeless lady pick out something for lunch and then paid for it.. but she didn't just pay and leave it at that (probably what I would have done.. ) Joan mentioned Jesus Christ. And then I asked this lady if she went to a church.. and bam it was a spiritual conversation just like that! This is how people are saved--simple truth followed by simple actions! I hope you are blessed so much this year, that you just keep blessing others! Happy new year! :o)