Saturday, August 20, 2011

Here's to New Beginnings...

Welp, it's time. Just when I thought summer was getting started, it's over already. I'm headed to school in about.. oh, I don't know... maybe 12 hours (or whenever I wake up, pack up the last of my things, and scoot out the door). These past two weeks have been a blast, really getting to spend some good quality time with friends and family here at home. I feel like I'm not ready to leave everyone now. But it's time. And honestly, I think I'm ready. I hope...

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I adjust to college life once again. Thanks for playing such a huge role in my life and all your support. Love you all!

So here's to new beginnings. Here's to round two.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Change Can Be a Good Thing... Right?!

In exactly 17 days from today, I'll be all moved out of my house, and living in Sinking Springs and studying at Penn State Berks. (Yes, I decided to go back after all.. I know, who woulda thought?!) 

Back in February/March or whenever it was that I made this decision, I was so pumped to be doing something new. I was tired of working full time 3-11:30pm all the time.. I mean, it was killing my social life! I felt like I was stuck in this rut that I wasn't totally thrilled with. I wanted to do something about it.. and I was! School felt like a good answer. I was getting tired of the same old thing day after day. I felt like I was ready to move out, meet new people, go new places, try new things, and maybe even learn a thing or two in school. I was excited!

Well, hello! Now its August. Time keeps creeping forward, quicker and quicker. I'm starting to geek out a little bit.. actually a lot! (Not gonna lie, I sorta had a little melt down in the store when I was shopping for college stuff a week ago.) I'm not sure if I'm ready for change. 

Change is a big deal. I've never been a fan of it. I like the comfort of knowing how things will be, day in and day out. Honestly, I'm scared. I'm worried I'll go away to school, make zero friends while I'm at Berks for the semester, do mediocre at my school work, spend all my free time working my two part time jobs, and have no fun.

But ya know what.. I want to prove myself wrong. I want to show myself that change really can be a good thing! I don't hafta be nervous or scared. I want to be able to go out on my own and make new friends (and keep the old ones too, of course). I wanna do well in school, and rock at my jobs. I wanna become my own person.. stop living in the shadows of who people expect me to be, and really be just me. I wanna grab onto new opportunities that come my way. I wanna live life to the fullest! I want this big change to be a good one. I'm really hoping God has a lot in store for me in these next three years ahead of me, as I start out at Berks and move up to Main Campus. 

I'm hoping with each new day, new and different experiences will arise and that I can embrace them fully. And that I learn to love every minute of college life.

Just wanted to end it with some cool lyrics from a Nichole Nordeman song that I just heard right as I was wrapping up this post. "So long status quo, I think I just let go. You make me wanna be brave. The way it always was, is no longer good enough. You make me wanna be brave."